Migrant Bodies EN

Movie: 15 minutes.
An introspective and metaphorical narrative of the migration process, told through extraordinary dance movements of silent bodies in a non-place.

Through the subjective force of movement, the phenomenal dancers perform a unique interpretationof the stages of the migration process. Simultaneously developing the ideas of attraction, loss, grief, adaptation, creativity and initiative, their states are set in non-specific places where the emptiness of the unknown conveys to us the destabilization felt by individuals and their community as a result of this migratory process.
Xavier Curnillon takes an original experimental approach in this introspective and metaphorical piece, where contemporary dance, words, graphics and music from various cultures reveal the possibilities of assimilation and the creative integration of the migrants that we are, or that our ancestors might have been.  Laura Bari, Director, Producer

Dancers : Alexa Solveig Mardon, Brianna Lombardo, Emmanuel Jouthe, Justine Parisien-Dumais
Lee Su-Feh, Louise Bédard, Manuel Roque, Paco Ziel, Paul-André Fortier

Paco Ziel