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Press release 2017 (Fr)


Xavier Curnillon is a director and visual artist who specializes in capturing movement. Trained at the Paris Film Conservatory, his first piece was a documentary on endangered aboriginal communities with which he spent several months in Ecuador. Between 2000 and 2004, he coordinated higher education programs at the INA (French national audiovisual institute) and then taught for three years in the territory of Nunavik, located in Quebec’s far north. Next, he established himself as a designer, director and video artist in Montreal’s dance world with choreographer Paul-André Fortier (“Bras de plomb,” “Solo 30 X 30,” “Vertiges,” “Misfit Blues”). He has refined his expertise with various choreographers such as Danièle Desnoyers, Mélanie Demers, and Et Marianne et Simon. In the last two years, he has worked with Montreal dancers and choreographers on a number of video projects such as “Perception,” “Rouge et Bleu” with Paul-André Fortier, and “Migrant Bodies” with Louise Bédard, Su Feh-Lee, Manuel Roque and Emmanuel Jouthe. His work highlights the ethnic and organic dimensions of movements and the ways in which they mutually contaminate each other. His films have been screened at many festivals, including the FIFA, FTA, RVCQ, DanceFilm at Dancemakers and Dancing on the Edge Festival. More recently, he has taken an interest in creating murals with the piece entitled “Scannographie,” which he designed specifically for the installation of 35 screens at Place-des-Arts in Montreal, and « La maison du danseur » piece, which was projected on a facade in Montreal’s entertainment district.


À tes pulsions, Distributeur : Vidéographe. Avril 2017
Migrant Bodies, Vancouver Short Film Festival, FTA, Master of Art film festival, Danse et Cinéma Festival Saint-Étienne, Dance Camera West, Los Angeles, Operaestate Festival Veneto, Bassano del Grappa … (2016-2017)
La maison du danseur, Quartier des spectacles Montréal ( Sept. 2015)
Rouge et Bleue, 18e Biennale de danse de Val-de-Marne (March 2015)
Scannographie, Mosaïque de la Place des Arts (2014-2015)
Perception, FIFA, FTA Cinémathèque Québécoise, Festival Bouge d’Ici, RVCQ (2014-2015)
Dancer Free, Usine C (March 2014)

Academic and professional training

SAT – Vidéo en direct et mapping 2016
MAIN FILM – Tout sur les objectifs avec Yorgos Giannelis 2013
MAIN FILM – Tout sur les microphones 2013
MAIN FILM – Scénarisation de documentaire indépendant avec Julie Perron 2009
MAIN FILM – Création de documentaire avec Lolande Cadrin Rossignol 2005
TRAINING AND RESEARCH ACTION IN MULTIMEDIA (TRAM) – Certificat en gestion des medias numériques Italie 2003
MEDIAS BUSINESS SCHOOL – Certificat in Digital Media Management Espagne 2001
INSTITUT NATIONAL DE L’AUDIO-VISUEL – Dream weaver – Web TV – Flash France 2001
CONSERVATOIRE LIBRE DU CINEMA FRANÇAIS – Baccalauréat en cinéma France 1995